Ms. Fonner

Welcome Parents and Students!

    The school year is off to a great start. In class we are still working on our classroom routines and being confident during independent work time.

Students will receive a homework packet every Monday. This packet is due the following Friday. Your child may decide to do all of the assignments in one night or complete a couple of pages each night.

Upcoming Events:
Look for papers coming home about PTA meetings and Volunteer Trainings.

School Schedule:
845-900 Arrival
900-1120 Reading
1120-1140 Recess
1140-1210 Lunch
1210-125 Math
125-215 Special
215-320 Science/Social Studies/Health
320-345 Dismissal

Reading Skills:
*We are working on identifying the parts of a story, character traits, and nouns/verbs.

Math Skills:
*Counting from 1-20, Ordering Numbers, and Solving Addition Story Problems.

Challenge Problem:
Ms. Fonner went to the park. She saw 7 squirrels, 4 dogs, 3 birds, and 3 bees. How many animals did she see in all at the park?